Channel Island Charters

Channel Island Charters

The Channel Islands have recently been added to our list of deep sea charters leaving Dorset’s Poole Harbour on the Ocean Runner. We get lots of requests for fishing trips over to the Channel Islands with the most popular trip being Turbot fishing in Alderney.

Alderney offers the angler picturesque surroundings accompanied with fantastic fishing grounds where you can find all sorts of different species. With Ocean Runner Charters you can catch Bream, Bass, Plaice, Turbot, Pollock and Rays during the summer months. In the winter you might even catch Conger or Mullet!

Guernsey and Jersey are also favourite destinations for our more experienced anglers, follow our Facebook page for upcoming fishing trips from Poole to the Channel Islands. In the winter the islands still offer a vast amount of species.

If you are interested in Turbot fishing in Alderney or recreational boat charters from Poole, contact Ocean Runner Charters to book your trip today!

Fishing on Ocean Runner
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